My Experience at GIDC – 2017 ( Goa International Dance Congress )

Priyanka taking bachata workshop

Don’t be in such a rush to figure everything out. Embrace the Unknown and let your Life Surprise You!

There are few experiences that leave a deep impression on you and always remain a highlight in your life. GIDC-2017 was one of such experience. It was one the most wholesome festival I ever attended.  The festival celebrated dance without any discrimination!

The workshops were very well designed and were placed perfectly aiming a progressive learning for the students.It was more focused on fundamental learning. The Instructors taught with an open heart and open mind.

My personal belief is that at the end of the festival one should always take back something substantial which adds value to their dancing rather than just being overwhelmed by too many instructors and artists around adding less value to their own learning.

The festival started with a Kizomba workshop along the poolside, it was like a Light Appetizer and Perfect Starter before the heavy 3  course Dance meal spread out over the three days of the festival. This time I decided to lead in Kizomba instead of following and yeah I had the most fun time of my life with the girl gang, it was indeed a wise decision! The Kizomba was later on followed by a Rueda workshop which was all the more Fun!  I realise I love to lead in Rueda. Both these workshops were conducted by Rocky Poonawala,  who is the host and organiser of GIDC.

By the end of the workshop it started to drizzle, it was an awesome feeling, I had a sense of Infinity as I had a pool one side, rain shower on top and the unlimited ocean with a beautiful sunset over the horizon and not to forget the awesome music, a one of a kind experience.

Keeping up the progression in Workshop it was later followed on with Kizomba class 2 with Hitesh Teckchandani, which was again a great class, a perfect mix of fun and serious fundamental learning.

This time at the festival I had the wonderful opportunity to conduct two workshops Bachata Footwork and Yoga!

Footwork &  Musical Shines is something I absolutely love to do. It always brings out the Best in Me!


The students looked quite motivated. The best part was the interaction post-workshop. It’s indeed a great feeling when you are able to share your work with so many dance enthusiasts.

As soon as I finished conducting my workshop, the next scheduled class was Musicality class by Alex Diaz. This was one class that I was eagerly waiting for in the entire festival. I already mentioned my love for shines and this class was just exactly what I wanted. The shines were so musical that there needs no effort in remembering it. All you got to do is to follow the music! I already learnt some cool stuff for my next practise sessions.


The next day morning I was conducting a Yoga workshop. I always had this secret wish of conducting a Yoga class in Goa, as I always loved the energy that Goa fills me with.  The moment I stepped in the space allocated for the workshop I was awestruck by the huge Shiva statue, absolutely mesmerising. Lord Shiva, Yoga and the Sea together are a very powerful combination. So the workshop was at 9.30am and I was all excited. This time I decided I shall be covering a lot of Theory behind what exactly is Yoga as that is where people are mostly confused about. The class was then followed by practice of Asanas. At the end, there was a very peaceful me, upon seeing the satisfaction on the student’s faces. They were all now warmed up for the further set of workshops at the festival.

On the last day, we had the awesome sundowner at Thalassa in the evening! And the theme was the very peaceful white. The highlight of the party for me was undoubtedly the music played by Hitesh Teckchandani. I personally loved every single track played by him. I was completely transported to a different world by the whole atmosphere at the party. Honestly, I have attended many socials at many different places before. This was by far my best experience till now. The whole vibe, ambience, positivity and overall happiness in the air was very charged.

The host of any festival or event is the lifeline that everyone connects to. Rocky Poonawala definitely has this infectious and engaging persona about him, which no one can ignore. It’s indeed an effort to keep up the enthusiasm of everyone without losing ourselves. And this he did at his best!

Finally, as with any performance or show, the stage is alive because of what is happening backstage. With me my friends, my familia Sagar & Nupur and my doting husband Vineet, when these people are around I already know that everything is a party.  When we are out there on the stage performing and being photographed, we can’t be there if there weren’t a few people behind you. One of my overall motivation comes from these awesome bunch of 3 musketeers!

Goa you have never disappointed me, and have always got a Refreshing change!

I can’t wait to experience this again, Unforgettable Weekend!

For all people who missed this year, don’t miss GIDC-2018. I bet you going to absolutely Love It 🙂

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